Sunday, July 31, 2011

New and Improved Hot Metal Box (I mean, bedroom)

This is one view of Bret's new and improved room-yes-it is so big he had to take photos from a couple angles. Notice his clothes folded next to his bed. They are sitting on the box spring since he has a queen size box spring (courtesy of the previous tenant) but only a twin mattress (courtesy of the Dept of Defense... your tax dollars at work). He's grateful for the 'shelf space' on the box spring because his room doesn't have a wall locker he would normally store his clothes in. It does, however, have an old gym style locker with hooks so he can store his work out clothes in that. He normally keeps his clothes covered with an extra sheet to keep the dust off them.
Notice he also has a window behind the headboard. It is currently covered to keep out the sun and the heat (and for privacy since people walk right outside).

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